The Complete Acid Alkaline Food Chart

Keeping your body healthy and happy might involve implementing a diet that helps balance out your body so that it contains healthy amounts of bodily alkaline and acid. One of the main strategies for maintaining a well balanced diet is substituting healthy foods for the unhealthy foods that you might not be used to. Sometimes, however, knowing which foods you can incorporate into your diet can be confusing. This is where the acid alkaline food chart can really help identify the foods that are healthier and more desirable.

Body pH can be affected by a number of contributing factors, and knowing what factors can affect the level that your body has is just as important as knowing what can be done to improve the pH level in your body.  The body is supposed to be at a state where it is more alkaline than acidic, which generally means that a healthy level will be around 7.3 or 7.4. When the level is less than 7, the body is more acidic which is not a favorable condition to be in for a number of reasons. When the body is more acidic you are more likely to face issues such is more frequent sicknesses, less energy, constant feelings of being tired, obesity or increased weight gain, a general lack of motivation, early aging, and many others.

One effective strategy that can be used to improve the body’s condition with regard to pH level is ensure that the right foods are being consumed on a daily basis. These means more fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, healthy oils, and less unhealthy foods that are loaded with saturated fats, cholesterol, sodium, sugar, preservatives, and any other unnatural or harmful substances. When you choose to eat only healthy foods, then you are able to increase the level of alkaline that is in your body and reduce the level of acid that is present.

So how do you know which foods you can eat and which foods you cannot eat? How do you determine how much alkaline is in one particular food and how much acid is in another? You can do so by using an acid alkaline food chart. This type of chart will contain many different foods and food groups that are consumed on a regular basis. On the acid alkaline food chart you will find information about the foods that you should eat on a consistent basis, foods that you should eat in moderation, and foods that you should avoid eating all together. The chart will list the many different foods that can be consumed and will indicate the level of alkaline and acid within them by assigning either a positive or negative score. A positive score indicates that the food is alkaline, and a negative score indicates that they are more acid.

These acid alkaline foods are a very useful tool that can help you identify the healthy foods that can help improve your overall diet and get you on your weight to enjoying a healthier and well balanced lifestyle. If these foods aren't exactly what you're looking for - or if you'd prefer lots of meat - then you should try the Paleo Diet Food List to see that's more manageable.

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