Achieving Body Balance With The Alkaline Diet

Achieving balance in life is very important if you want to remain healthy and happy. There are a number of ways that you can achieve balance including reducing stress, eliminating bad habits that you might have, and implementing an alkaline diet plan that greatly reduces the amount of acid that is present in your body.

Why do we want to reduce the amount of acid that is present in our bodies? Having high acid levels in our body can cause issues such as increased weight gain, over-tiredness, reduced energy levels, increased stress, early aging, illness, and many others. The pH level is disrupted when too many acidic foods are consumed, too much stress is experience, and bad habits such as smoking and excess alcoholism are allowed to occur. The body pH is the measure of how much acid and alkaline are present, and an optimal level is considered to be 7.4, which indicates that the body is slightly alkaline. When this level is achieved, there is less risk for the many issues listed above.

Maintaining Balance With The Alkaline Diet

The alkaline diet plan can help you achieve balance by consuming foods that are healthy and high in alkaline. Foods that contain high alkaline levels include many different types of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, oils, and other all natural foods. There are a number of different drinks that can be incorporated into the diet as well which have high levels of alkaline in them. When you consume foods that are healthy for you, the level of alkaline in the body begins to outweigh the level of acid that is present. This in turn helps you fight off disease and illness, regain much needed energy, sleep better at night and feel less tired during the day, achieve weight loss, and simply feel much better about yourself overall.

How Do You Know Which Foods To Eat?

Eating healthy foods is a critical part of the alkaline diet plan, but your efforts can be wasted if you simply do not eat the right foods. If you’re unsure about which foods are acceptable for a well balanced alkaline diet plan, then you can consult the alkaline diet food chart in order to identify those you can eat often, those you can eat in moderation, and those you should generally avoid if possible.

Learn To Choose Alternatives

One important idea that you will want to get used to when you implement an alkaline diet plan is to choose alternative healthier food items even if they aren’t as desirable as the other unhealthy items. Choosing alternatives will help ensure that you continue to make the right choices regarding the foods you consume.

Choose the low fat or sugar free versions instead of the regular versions of foods that you are used to consuming. The low fat, fat free, and sugar free versions are much healthier and will reduce or eliminate the amount of acid that ends up in your body, which is the ultimate goal of the alkaline diet plan after all.

Achieving balance is one way that we can obtain happiness in life. Balance can happen in our careers, marriages, family lives, and even our own mental happiness. Balance is a also a good way that we can measure our own level of personal health, and the more balanced we are, the healthier we are going to be.

Balance, when considering our personal health, is measured by what is known as the pH level. The pH level indicates how much acid and alkaline exists in our body. A proportion that is tipped slightly to the side of alkaline is preferred over one that is tipped the other way. When the body is more acidic, there is more risk for the common issues that arise when the body is in this type of condition. Some of the different risks associated with a highly acidic body include increased tiredness, obesity, increased sickness, reduced physical energy, and many other factors that can reduce the quality of life. All of these risks can lead to the overall stress that is often experienced when the body is out of balance.

Acid Alkaline Diets

One solution for improving the overall quality of life is the acid alkaline diet. This type of diet is really quite simple to follow and generally requires the acceptance of the fact that unhealthy foods simply cannot be tolerated. Unhealthy foods that are loaded with harmful substances such as saturated fat, cholesterol, sodium, sugar, and others are a large contributor to the highly acidic fluid levels that many have within their bodies. These types of foods, when consumed on a regular basis, cause a spike in the amount of acid that is present once they are digested and unless enough food and drink that is highly alkaline is consumed to counteract the acidity, then the body will be left in a state of unhealthy balance.

Healthy alkaline foods should be consumed more frequently than unhealthy foods. Many suggest that in order to achieve the proper balance, one should consume 80 percent alkaline foods and 20 percent acid foods. Completely cutting out acid foods may not be the best option simply because they are used in the natural process of the body, but a significant reduction in the amount of acidic foods that are consumed is ideal.

Other Effective Tactics

Eating the proper foods isn’t the only thing that can be done to help one achieve the proper pH balance. There are a number of other things that can be done in order to do so. One thing that you can do is reduce the amount of stress that you have to deal with on a day to day basis. Stress can contribute to the level of acidity that is present in the body, so eliminating any or all sources of stress in one’s life can be beneficial.

There are other things besides food and stress that can increase acid levels in the body. Smoking is one bad habit that not only is bad for your respiratory health, but also negatively affects your pH balance as well. Excess alcohol consumption can lead to poor balance as well. When you maintain a well balanced acid alkaline diet, you will be able to increase your odds of enjoying a better sense of balance in life.

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